Liberty International Ministries


The Angel Team

The Angel Team is responsible for the upkeep of the Church and preparation of food for Church Programs and special services. Assist with funeral services, weddings and catering needs. The Angel Team is a combination Pastor’s Aide and Hospitality Committee. The responsibility of the Angel Team is to check on the well being of our members, make hospital visits and assist wherever needed. The Angel Team will assist with the personal needs of the Pastor whatever is needed such as clerical duties and maintaining the Pastor’s robe and schedules.

Church Ushers

The Church Ushers are the gate keepers. The Church Usher assist during services and adhere to the needs of the congregation and the Pastor. The ushers greet people as they enter and leave the Church. They make sure that the congregation is seated at the proper time. Provide programs and other materials during the time of seating.The Church Usher is usually the first person that is seen. They are friendly people and should greet the worshippers with a smile, and handshake and or hug. The Usher has a willingness to serve. They make sure that the sanctuary is reverenced. Ye shall reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord. (Leviticus 19:30)


Our Church Mothers are responsible for welcoming our new members and guest. The mothers minister to our young people and offer words of wisdom to them. Our Mothers are teachers of the young (Titus 2: 3-5). They are also responsible for the preparation of the Lord’s Supper. Our mothers also offer assistant to the Pastor when needed.

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